Personal Elecrtical Shock Protection

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Salisbury uses SALCOR Rubber to make their line hose products. SALCOR Rubber is a TYPE II rubber that remains flexible in cold weather and is resistant to ozone and UV rays. Salisburys exclusive SALCOR Rubber is the preferred material for line hose and other insulating products because it easily withstands the elements and does not lose its flexibility or insulating properties.


Salisbury by Honeywell offers everything you need to meet NFPA 70E, ASTM, and OSHA including insulated rubber gloves, insulated tools, temporary grounding equipment, voltage detectors and a wide variety of rubber insulating products. 

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Salisburs Type II SALCORĀ® Blankets are of the highest quality available today. They will hold their color and flexibility, and will maintain physical properties and dielectric strength, required by ASTM standard, in the field longer than any other blanket on the market.